We Are Looking for an RV Park Host

The Pines at Bastrop

RV Park Host

We are looking for a full-time resident manager to assist with managing our park. We will run the accounting and there will be no cash transactions in the park. Experience is preferred, but not required.

  1. You must be available to welcome guests to the park and assist with check in. We will be using Camp Spot software. The park is close to everything and we will have a number that will forward to your cell phone for convenience.
  2. You will be required to live on-site for this position.
  3. You will be responsible for making sure the park stays tidy and that residents follow the rules.
  4. You will need to report any large maintenance items will be reported to upper management to fix.
  5. You will make sure that the grounds are kept and will have to coordinate with vendors from time to time.

We are looking to trade a premium space in the park for this position. In addition, we are wanting to build up the park with long-term residents to create a sense of community. This is a small park with only 18 spots and each is over-sized. It is set in a heavily wooded park and no new spots will ever be added because it is in the “Houston Toad” protection zone. We plan to maintain the park as a premium park and will not tolerate trouble-makers. We have paid dearly to have highspeed internet of 400 megs available.

Please contact Jason to set up an appointment or feel free to drop by any time. We estimate completion in November. You can inquire about this position by submitting your information in the below form or giving us a call at 512.693.9476.

Rules & Restrictions

460 TX-21,

Bastrop, TX 78602