The Pines at Bastrop RV Park

Septic Guidelines

Septic Do’s and Don’ts:

Detergents, kitchen wastes, laundry wastes and household chemicals in normal amounts do not affect the proper operation of septic sewage treatment systems. However, excessive quantities can be harmful. 

Do Not:

  • Avoid the disposal of cigarette butts, disposable diapers, sanitary napkins, plastics, trash, etc., into your household sewage system. These items are not readily decomposed.
  • Non-Biodegradable Products – chemicals and solids (tampons, cigarette butts, condoms, or
    other similar items, hair, bandages, rags, strings, coffee grounds or cereals).
  • Paper towels and handy wipes; no matter what the box or manufacturer, etc. says!
  • No anti-bacterial soaps – Biodegradable soaps only!  Do not use what is called
    “biocompatible soaps”.
  • Heavy dose and long-term use of Mr. Bubbles/Dow’s spray toilet cleaner or any other
    excessively strong cleaner.
  • Chlorine and chemicals in excess (1 part chlorine 5 parts of water is a good spray bacteria
  • Excessive laundry – loads should be spaced out (one day of doing all laundry is a No No!)
  • Dirt and inert products (muddy clothes and vegetables should be dusted off before washing)
    this applies to common senses in maintaining all types of septic systems
  • Disposable baby wipes / diapers / hand and facial wipes – Dispose in a garbage can
  • Dead fish or small animals
  • Be considerate in the use of the garbage disposal as this can cause a buildup of sediment
    in the septic system.
  • Latex, plastic or metallic objects
  • No bleach should be used in holding tanks (We encourage the use of Unique RV digest products for holding tanks)